Vertical platformer, where only the quickest will prevail!

Trashscraper has been developed by FOOT.

About TrashScraper

TrashScraper is a vertical platformer taking place in far future. People live in tall skyscrapers and there are huge differences between each social classes. World suffers from enormous floods which often force people out from their homes.

Player will control a guy from the lowest social class. He wants to get rich and doesn't fear for his life. He bravely visits skyscrapers which are being flooded and loot as much stuff as possible.

Game takes place at one of those expeditions. The main goal of the player is to jump as high as possible while looting as much gold as he can. On his way he can meet powerups which will temporarily increase his abilities, or collectible items which will he then sell for gold. In the store player can upgrade those powerups or unlock new levels.


You can download TrashScrapper for free on this link:

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